“Doch an uns wird mancher 

sich erinnern später noch” 

Soon we will have no more time for painfully hopeless narratives whose outcome no longer interests us, and no more time to stand around exemplarily unpsychologically, modelling a thousand-year-old logic of retribution by which a questionable society approvingly applauds itself; we must live a life here now.

Premiere: 25.02.2021 (ADK Ludwigsburg)

Artistic director: Jule Bökamp

Choreography: Maria Chiara de' Nobili
Dramaturgy: Sarah Charlotte Becker

Stage & Costume design: Wiebke Breitenfeld
Performers: Solveig Eger, João Kreta 
d'Orey, Julian Moritz, Ruby Ann Rawson

Duration: 60 min