Narcissism. A motor to art and to life, it is a sublime game to reach grandiosity for both the strongest and weakest. It is an escape from reality. Narcissism. Simultaneously beauty, fear and fragility, it is an endless stream of pure water. Narcissism. It is vanity, submission and domination. Narcissism. Damned souls, loved and hated, existing as murmured voices inside my head.

In a world moved by the absurd, everything is a lie.

Choreography: Maria Chiara de'Nobili

Music: Dancers' sounds

Dancers: Giulia Spinelli, Thibault Monnier, Mario Gaglione, Sara Angius, Luigi Geraci Vilotta, Antonella Albanese, Marie Schtroumfette

Light design: Marco Valerio Amico & Maria Chiara de'Nobili 

Dramaturgy: Guy Cools

Premiere: La Biennale di Venezia 01.07.2018

Duration: 20min