The Answer's in the Eye

The choreography is based on the theme of divorce. I developed three different characters (mother, son and father) for one performer. My main focus was the body in its totality, the details emphasised by certain states, as well as physical tension and intention. We worked on painful transformations from character to character, on the struggle that family separation is generating. The end result could squeeze the audience guts making them laugh at the same time. It can be a silly representation of pain, it is subtle suffering with no drama. The dusty memories of a life together are slowly transforming the space into an unrecognisable, ambiguous vacuum

Choreography: Maria Chiara de'Nobili
Music: Massimo Avantaggiato
Light Design: Maria Chiara de'Nobili 
Dancers: Ben Beppler, Emanuele Senese
Costumes: Maria Chiara de'Nobili 

Premiere: 15.11.2019 (Palucca Tanz Studio Dresden)

Duration: 10min

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